Our trustees

Kieran Donaghey


Kieran has been a TAYM trustee since 2015. He became involved following a chance conversation with a work colleague, who was a former chair of the Trust. He started bringing his eldest daughter to Lets Play and she now plays flute in the senior woodwind group. His youngest daughter followed a couple of years later, joining our Early Years group. She now plays the violin as part of Lets Play 2. 

Jackie Latham


Jackie became a Trustee in 2015 after her children joined TAYM’s first ‘Lets Play’ music group, learning to play the trombone.  Having learnt to play an instrument herself as an 8-year-old and growing up attending a Saturday morning orchestra, she knows the benefits and fun that can be gained from being part of such a group.  Jackie recognises that there are not the same opportunities in school for children to learn to play a musical instrument as there used to be and is keen to support TAYM in ‘filling the gap’ on a Saturday morning. 

Chris White-Horne


Chris became a Trustee in 2013 when he returned to the UK after living in Germany and America and his kids began attending TAYM. He is committed to giving the young people of our area the best possible musical opportunities.  He is a non-executive director of CSET, the local multi-academy school trust, and has been Chair of Governors of The Castle School and Crossways Infants. Chris can also be found on a Saturday morning as the “Let’s Play” trombone tutor with TAYM

Nadya Webster


Nadya hopes her background in journalism will help when it comes to promoting the wonderful work that TAYM does. Nadya is currently PR and Communications Manager at the Thornbury-based charity Brain Tumour Support. While Nadya has never been a trustee before, she has been chair of the German Saturday School in Bristol, a parent-led initiative with a similar structure to TAYM. Nadya’s daughter is loving learning the cello at TAYM.

Hannah Paniale


Hannah Paniale has been a regular at TAYM since 2014. She has two children who are involved - one in Let's Play who loves her PBone and the other who is now a member of the Senior Orchestra (clarinet). She has a third in waiting who she is hoping will take up the cello when the time comes! Hannah is a piano and violin player herself and is delighted that her children can access a more extensive and affordable music experience than school can offer. She works at SGS College, supporting young people from challenging backgrounds in accessing education.

Michelle Galliott


Michelle prepares the class registers, organises the volunteers who help run the tuck shop and concerts, and acts as the general point of contact for parents. She has two children, both of whom are keen musicians.  She is also involved with Thornbury Welcomes.   She loves music, and has been involved in performing choirs, amateur dramatics as well as playing flute, piano in the past.  She looks forward to having some spare time to continue with those things as she believes music is very important.

Xun Huang


Xun has recently joined the team as a treasurer in March.  She is pleased she can contribute to the running of the school by using her finance related experience. Her two daughters are learning to play violins in the school. They both enjoy learning music in such a brilliant music school on Saturday mornings. 

Brendan Wilde

Advisor to the board of trustees

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We are a charity, run by volunteers. Some of us are parents of children attending classes, others are simply passionate about music. If you would like to volunteer, please get in touch! (info@thornbury-music.org)