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Run by parents and professional tutors for parents of children who want to learn a musical instrument in a fun and supportive environment

We meet on Saturday mornings at Manorbrook School, Thornbury, and run a variety of activities for children aged between 4 and 18.

Our aim is to remove barriers to learning an instrument and to make it fun!   

"Music education matters.  Young people want to participate in it, and it brings real benefits to millions who do.

It supports educational outcomes, improves health and wellbeing, and creates opportunities in growing sectors of the economy"

From:  'How to ensure every child can access a good music education', Ben Cooper, Senior Researcher, Fabian Society August 2022


TAYM welcomes you to Manorbrook School

For further information, please contact  our Administrator:


Summer Term 2024
20th April

27th April

 4th  May

11th May

18th May
HALF TERM: 25th and 1st June  No Sessions
8th June

15th June

22nd June

Open Afternoon:  22nd  June from 1.00-3.00pm

29th  June

   6th July:  Summer Concert - Venue to be confirmed

 13th July:  Extra session 


Autumn Term 2024
Open/recruitment morning:

  7th September 2024: 9:30am to 11:30am 
14th September

 21st September

 28th September
    5th October

 12th October

 19th October
HALF TERM:  (26th October & 2nd November:  no sessions
   9th November

 16th November

  23rd November

  30th November:   Autumn Concerts

Spring Term 2025
11th  January

 18th  January

  25th January
   1st  February

   8th February
HALF TERM:  15th & 22nd February:  no sessions)
   1st  March

   8th  March

  15th March

  22nd March

  29th  March:   Spring Concerts

Summer Term 2025
26th April
   3rd  May

  10th May

  17th May
HALF TERM:  24th & 31st May:  no sessions)
    7th June

  14th June - includes:

   Rockhampton Folk Music Festival Outreach Project

   mini concert/workshop 11am-12.00pm

  21st  June

  28th June
    5th July:   Concert Rehearsal

    Open Afternoon:   1.00pm - 3.00pm

   12th July:   Massed Student Concert: 

    Open to Guests:  10.15am - 12.00pm 

Some examples of the children's work through lockdown

Here are some highlights of the amazing work our children have completed through the last year of lockdown. For more videos, see our YouTube channel.

Lockdown Project - Consider Yourself

Our senior string section spent the Spring 2021 term learning Consider Yourself from the musical Oliver! What a fantastic performance!  

Lockdown Project - Eye of the Tiger

During the Lockdown in 2020, our senior and training orchestra members worked independently to learn their parts to Eye of the Tiger and them came together to record this amazing video.

Lockdown Project - Ode to Joy

These junior musicians have been learning to play the pBone (a light-weight plastic trombone) for less than a year, with most of their lessons taking place virtually. Just look at what they can already do!

Children have fun with recorders, boomwackers, bells and other basic instruments to learn beats and basic music-making

Early years

Our Early Years sessions are fun musical activities for 4- to 6-year-olds

Let's play!

   lessons for 6- to 10-year-olds or beginners of any age

Group lessons and musicianship classes with experienced tutors to cater for children of all abilities

In their second year, children can also  take part in a beginners' orchestra with a variety of instruments 

Training orchestra

Training orchestra is designed to give musicians with some experience the chance to play in string/wind ensembles and a full orchestra 

Designed to give musicians experience of playing in ensembles and orchestras - this is the ideal place for them to hone their skills

Musicians also take part in the TAYM choir

Senior orchestra

Designed  for more experienced musician, these sessions challenge the children to develop their skills even further. 

Musicians can also choose to take part in choir, attend theory lessons or rehearse in small ensembles

Senior orchestra is designed to give more experienced musicians the chance to play in string/wind ensembles and a full orchestra 

Musicians can also choose to take part in choir, theory lessons, ensembles, or swing/jazz ensembles

Swing Band

This is open to any brass or wind player and there’s some great swing, blues, jazz and rock music to play.  We learn together how to improvise.  The group is led by our trombone tutor, Chris White-Horne, who is also the musical director of the Thornbury Swing Band. The session runs at the same time as the choir and theory classes.

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